Key to research

Critical analysis of IRP pq Theory-based approach to compensation:

             J124, J112, J109, J113

Critical analysis of various approaches to power theory:

  • Poynting Vector as a fundamental of power theory:
    J102, J96, J89, C53 ,
  • Nabae-Akagi Instantaneous Reactive Power p-q theory:
    J100, J98, J95, J87, J86, J85, J82 , C50.
  • Budeanu theory: J78, J68, J66, J65 , J43, J31 , J29, C10.
  • Fryze theory: J78, J68, J29, J27 , J26, J30 .
  • Kusters & Moore theory: J78, J29, J23, J19 , C19.
  • Others: J68, j40, j38, J30, C23.
  • Discussions on powers, interpretation of power phenomena, apparent power, Poynting Vector, energy oscillations: J87, J86, J78, J75 , J65, J56, J55, J53, J52, J45, J41, J40, C53, C50, C47, C39, C26, C23, C21.

Development of the Currents’ Physical Components (CPC) Power Theory of single- and three-phase systems with nonsinusoidal voltages and currents, recently referred to as the Currents’ Physical Components (CPC) power theory:

  • CPC power theory of single-phase systems: J103, J101, J93, J92 , J78, J69, J37, J29, J27, J26 , J18, J16, C21, C18, C6.
  • CPC power theory of three-phase systems: J95, J92 , J82, J79, J78, J76, J58, J57, J48, J33 , C31, C25.
  • Scattered current & scattered power concept: J78, J41, J26 , J16, C18, C6.
  • Harmonic generating loads & bi-directional flow of energy: J64, J51, J46, J37 , J18, C10.
  • RMS value of three-phase currents & apparent power
    in three-wire systems:
    J78, J77, J75 , J58, J33 .
  • Unbalanced current & unbalanced power concept: J78, J77, J76, J58, J33 , C31.

Compensation in nonsinusoidal systems:

  • Capacitive compensation of reactive current: J71, J70, J19, J17, J14, J11.
  • Total compensation of reactive current: J70, J41, J36, J26 , J17.
  • Compensation of scattered current: J70, J41 .
  • Minimization of reactive current in single- & three-phase systems: J73, J47, J44, J39, J32 , C9, C8, C6.
  • Total compensation of unbalanced current: J77, J36 , C22.
  • Minimization of unbalanced current: J79, J77, J51, J50, J49, J41, J44 , C38, C37.
  • Reduction of harmonic distortion: J88, J84, J83, J72, J71, J67, J54, C46, C45, C42, C41, C40, C13.

Adaptive compensation of reactive and unbalanced power:

  • Adaptive balancing compensator: J63, J59, J49 , J47, C38, C37.
  • Hybrid compensation: J63, J62, J51, J50 , C34, C28, C27.

Contribution to harmonic filter design:

  • Studies on effectiveness of resonant harmonic filters: j88, J84, J42, J67, C13.
  • Fixed pole filter concept: J72, C42, C41.
  • Harmonic blocking compensator concept: J83, J71 , C46, C40, C32, C29.

Development of power theory and compensation methods for systems with non-periodic currents:

  • J89, J81, J8O, J63, J62, J34, C52, C49, C48, C44, C43, C35.

Measurement and instrumentation for nonsinusoidal systems:

  • Budeanu reactive power meter construction: J21, J12, J9, P2, P3, P9.
  • Identification of system parameters: J61, J60, C36, C14.
  • Instrumentation for measurement of equivalent parameters of nonsinusoidal systems: C7, P17, P10.
  • Reactive power meter construction: J21, J15, J5, P9, P11, P13, P14.
  • Others: J74, J47, C12, C11, P19, P12, P13, P15, P16, P19.

Network synthesis:

  • Synthesis of networks that realize Hilbert Transform: J22, J18, J13, J10, J8 , J3, C16, C15 , C4, C3, P8, P7.
  • Parameter sensitivity: J28, J25, J13, J10, J7, C5, C1.
  • Filter synthesis: J6, J4, C17, C2, P4, P1.

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